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Slip & Fall

Slip & Fall Lawyers in South Carolina

Property owners, including hotels, condominiums, times shares and others, are required to maintain their premises in reasonably safe condition for guests.  Dangers and defects that are known, or should be known, must be corrected.  Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen and injuries happen.  Many property owners have liability insurance which covers these injuries.  

If you've been injured by a dangerous property defect, call Bauer & Metro for a free consultation.  We will meet with you personally, review your case, and answer your questions.  Some of the most common property defects that cause injuries are:

  • Uneven sidewalks and pathways

  • Aging wood decks & porches

  • Slippery stairs

  • Slippery grocery isles and floors

  • Damaged pavement in parking lots

  • Unmarked trip hazards in parking lots

  • Wet floors

Regardless of the cause of your injury, documentation is crucial.  Any injury should be reported to the property owner, manager or whoever is in charge.  Failure to report the injury can harm your claim later.  If possible, take detailed photographs of the dangerous condition that caused your injury.  If you cannot take photographs, we will do it for you now.  

Many clients who come to Bauer & Metro have already done their best to deal with insurance companies, but found it to be a waste of time.  Rude insurance representatives and absurdly low settlement offers make it difficult without a lawyer.  Let Bauer & Metro handle the insurance companies while you focus on getting back to normal.  

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