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Car Wrecks

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Serving South Carolina

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Today television and radio are overwhelmed with silly lawyer ads that target victims in car wrecks.  Some dance, some sing, and others scream.  Anything to get your business.  In reality, most of those "lawyers" have no connection to South Carolina and the Low Country.  Don't be fooled.  Trust local experience.  Sam Bauer and Rob Metro live and work in the Low Country.  Our offices are conveniently located in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton.  And when you schedule a free consultation at Bauer & Metro, you will meet with either Sam Bauer or Rob Metro, not some person from a far away place.  

If you've been injured in a car wreck, schedule a free consultation with Bauer & Metro and learn your rights.  Remember, insurance companies have one goal:  to pay you as little as possible.  Not every car wreck requires a lawyer and a lawsuit.  In fact, we know that most people prefer fair settlements as opposed to lengthy court cases.  But insurance companies who act in bad faith know that Bauer & Metro will wage war in Court if that's what it takes.  

Many clients who come to Bauer & Metro have already done their best to deal with insurance companies, but found it to be a waste of time.  Rude insurance representatives and absurdly low settlement offers make it difficult without a lawyer.  Let Bauer & Metro handle the insurance companies while you focus on getting back to normal.  

Initially, you can expect the following at Bauer & Metro:

  • We will meet with you personally.  If you can't come to our offices, we will come to you. 

  • We will deal with the insurance companies and they will stop calling you.

  • We will help get your car repaired.

  • We will help you find medical treatment if you need it.

  • We will investigate the wreck, obtain a copy of the police report and track down the person who caused the wreck.

  • We will obtain a complete copy of your medical records, lost wages and other damages.

  • We will represent you based on a "contingent" fee, meaning that we only get paid when you do.  No upfront fees are retainers needed.  

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