Defective Products

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If you have purchased a product, you trust that it will operate in the manner it says. Without knowing, you place your trust in the manufacturer of that product. You typically expect that the product is safe and will work accurately. There are times, however, that the product you buy was not adequately tested and might have been made with a flaw in its design. If you or a loved one is facing injuries because of a product that has not followed safety regulations, it is important to speak with a Hilton Head personal injury attorney from our firm. We can help you protect your right to damages for your injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Common Product Failures

If a company has failed to perform the proper testing requirements prior to your purchase, it is important to pursue just compensation for the injuries you have sustained. One of the most common defective product cases our firm handles are those involving car accidents. Defective car recalls require significant legal assistance from an experienced attorney. If you are pursuing a lawsuit as a result of a vehicle failure or defect, one of our lawyers from Bauer & Metro, P.C. can walk you through the complex process to help ensure that you receive the damages you deserve.

When it comes to filing claims against corporations who have manufactured faulty or defective products, it is important to seek legal assistance from our firm. We can evaluate the damages to assess how to best pursue the lawsuit against the negligent party. Our partnering attorneys are powerful advocates who offer quality services to all of our clients. Our firm can seek the maximum compensation possible, whatever the situation. If you have reason to believe that a defective product is the reason for your injuries, act quickly to obtain the necessary legal representation!

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I was in Hilton Head for a friends wedding and had the misfortune of being pulled over and was arrested for DUI. Driving while under the influence is nothing to be taken lightly these days. It can affect your job and many other things due to not being able to operate a vehicle. In no way am i condoning drinking and driving, but let's face it, everyone makes mistakes. I was terrified! It felt like ... - Kye G