Traffic Offenses

Fighting Traffic Tickets with a Hilton Head Criminal Defense Lawyer

Even the simple acts of running a red light or driving above the speed limit are considered criminal violations in South Carolina. Traffic offenses will have to follow the same procedures as any other criminal act, such as a drug crime or DUI. If you have been charged with a traffic offense in the state of South Carolina, you will entitled certain rights, including a trial by jury, the presumption of innocent until proven guilty, and materials regarding your defense. At Bauer & Metro, P.C., we offer aggressive legal assistance from one of our Hilton Head traffic offense attorneys.

Information About Traffic Offenses

We offer knowledgeable and experienced legal assistance to each of our clients. As dedicated and aggressive trial lawyers, you can have confidence that we will do everything in our power to have your charges reduced or even dismissed. We know how important your driver's license is to you, especially if you hold a commercial driver's license that is at risk because of the offense. If you were charged with a traffic offense, you may also be fearful of high insurance rates and other frustrating circumstances associated with your privilege to drive.

One of the most common traffic offenses that our clients face are speeding tickets. These fines can be very pricey and result in a great hassle. Under South Carolina law, speeding can result in 2 to 6 points. Speeding is considered a strict liability offense, which means that you can still be convicted if it was accidental or unintentional. If you have received a charge for reckless driving, the failure to stop at a red light, a hit and run, or another traffic offense, it is essential to obtain legal assistance at once. Contact Bauer & Metro, P.C. today to learn more about fighting traffic offenses!

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I was in Hilton Head for a friends wedding and had the misfortune of being pulled over and was arrested for DUI. Driving while under the influence is nothing to be taken lightly these days. It can affect your job and many other things due to not being able to operate a vehicle. In no way am i condoning drinking and driving, but let's face it, everyone makes mistakes. I was terrified! It felt like ... - Kye G