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Military Housing Negligence


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Mold virtually everywhere.  Lead-based paint chipping.  Rotten floors and ceilings.  Repair orders take months, and problems  never really get fixed.  They just "paint over" the defects.  Your landlord says it's the military's job to fix it, the military says the opposite.  No one seems to care.  Nothing gets done while your family lives in filth, yet the corporations make millions.  Sound familiar?  Private military housing companies failed America. Now they are betting that you're too scared to speak up.   


Fear of retaliation discourages many military families from asking questions and making claims.  And although Congress enacted measures to protect military families, intimidation is still a factor.   Attorney Rob Metro is especially sensitive to these concerns and all communications are kept 100% confidential.  If you don't feel comfortable calling, send a message using the form below.  All messages go directly to Attorney Rob Metro, and he will respond directly to you.   


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On June 24, 2020, Rob Metro commenced a class action lawsuit on behalf of military housing tenants at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  The suit seeks justice for military servicemen and women who lived in slum-like conditions and paid thousands for defective houses.  For more information on the lawsuit, and whether it applies to you, contact Rob Metro.  All communications are 100% confidential. 

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Fort Bragg Class Action Housing Lawsuit

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