Alimony Orders in South Carolina

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Also known as spousal support, alimony is a regular payment made by one spouse to the other for financial assistance during or after a divorce. A spouse can request alimony, but the court also has the authority to order it based on certain circumstances. Whether you are the paying spouse or the one being supported, you may be concerned that your needs will be overlooked by the court. Our Hilton Head divorce lawyers can uphold your best interests both in and out of court, protecting your rights every step of the way.

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What types of alimony are offered?

Alimony can be temporary or permanent, depending on the unique concerns that arise in each case. With that in mind, there are currently five different forms of alimony in South Carolina, each one described below:

  1. Periodic alimony: monthly payments made by the supporting spouse for a certain period of time. These payments can be modified by the court as needed.
  2. Lump sum alimony: a set amount of alimony that is determined by the court. This can be paid all at once or in a few installments, but the amount cannot be altered after the order is made.
  3. Rehabilitative alimony: ordered in cases where one spouse is in need of financial assistance due to employment constraints. This is typically paid in installments over time.
  4. Reimbursement alimony: intended to compensate one spouse for support that enabled the other spouse to receive training which contributed to their earning capacity. This is common when one spouse worked while the other went to school.
  5. Separate maintenance & support: can be ordered by the court when the spouses are not seeking a divorce but are no longer living together. It is paid on a regular basis and can be modified.

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There is no doubt that alimony orders can be tricky – any decision involving money usually is. This does not mean, however, that a mutually satisfactory outcome is impossible. With unique legal strategies and a willingness to think outside the box on behalf of our clients, we are capable of success in even the most complex cases.

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